Shropshire and Telford TUC

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Please support our event (above). Everyone welcome.
This Trades Council Supports the NHS in Shropshire

One of our A&Es is under threat. If you live in Shropshire, you can make your voice heard by signing up to Shropshire's Defend the NHS, which is supported by Shropshire & Telford Trades Council. Click here to sign up.

Free Trade Union courses
The Trade Union Studies Centre at Shrewsbury College of Arts & Technology offers the full range of TUC courses for Trade Union Representatives and Full-time Officials and bespoke courses for TUC affiliates.

These are free courses available to all Trade Union representatives and officials in line with the TUC Lifelong Learning Strategy. As well as offering high quality TUC courses the centre works closely with individual Unions delivering specialist courses. Trade Union Education with us is varied, accessible and rewarding. Have a look at our courses here.

The Trade Council regularly visits parts of Shropshire with our gazebo.

If you see us, come and talk to us about any concerns you have regarding employment rights or if you want to join a union. 

Opposition to EDL saw the viscious thugs off.  The EDL amounted to 25 ignorant thugs who were too stupid to start their generator and when after 2 hours they got it going, they hads nothing to say.  Great humour on the side of the opposition with no arrests despite the police presence being overwhelming.  Victory to the people of Wellington.  

Questions to ask your MP, who is going to pay for the police presence?

Join a Union Today!

More than 6 million people belong to a union.

Unions help workers get together, stop people being treated unfairly and get a better deal from their employers. Why not join a union? Everyone can join one and it is illegal for your employer to treat you differently. Click here to find out more and join.

The Trades Council recently organised a 'die in' for the NHS, to signify how many deaths may occur if Telford lost its A&E

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